Top UX Trends to Watch Out for in Future

2020 will mark the end of this decade and we have a perfect chance to look back and determine how the internet has changed our everyday life. Mobile took over to a great extent, the introduction of technologies like IoT, chatbots, AR, VR, and a lot more have created a lot of opportunities for businesses to thrive at a quick pace. Besides all these transformations, the area that has progressed a lot is surely web design. Just like this year and previous year, 2020 is going to be a happening year for UX design trends as we will witness a combination of technology and aesthetics like never before. 

UX Design Trends to Expect in 2020 

Each year, UX design trends change and change for a good reason. The designing principles remain the same but the trend changes and kind of like innovates. The eminent changes in human behavior demand innovations and engaging user experiences. 

For UX designers, it is compulsory to stay up to date with new and upcoming UX design trends to make sure they are able to meet the demands of the consumers. Having said that, here are a few UX design trends that we can expect to take over 2020. 

Device Synchronization

No matter what the device is, the users demand dynamic capabilities that can help them be on the same page across devices. No matter if it is a laptop, computer, smartphone, or smartwatch; synchronization is a crucial element. The reason why device synchronization is important is that customers use a plethora of devices and want to easily access things they like or the services they use the most. For example, someone who uses Amazon to buy items online wants to have their history of products or someone who frequently uses cab hailing services need to have their frequently visited locations accessible at all times without any restriction of the device. Control is the key that customers want in their hand and it comes with device synchronization. 

Minimalism in Navigation 

Let’s face it! Not everybody is interested in making several clicks to arrive at the product that they are looking for. Customers want simplicity in UI as well as UX design. The complex the procedure, the difficult it will become for the users to get through the entire product. Product development is the new trend these days and why not, entrepreneurship is on the rise and everyone has the opportunity to make it big with just a simple idea. In most cases, a great idea is overshadowed by too many complexities that are often avoidable. With that being said, by adopting a minimal approach in both UI and UX design, users can be encouraged to spend more time on your application. Digital design has evolved to a level where the possibilities are endless. Some of the key pointers you should consider are: 

  • Keep your users in mind while designing the features. 
  • Try to implement time-saving design features to ensure a decisive user journey and add value to the user experience. 
  • Avoid incorporating a lot of pop-ups and notifications. 

Voice User Interface 

Life has become fast-paced. The sooner you realize it, the better it would be for your users. Let’s face it, consumers are so busy that they have started finding it hard to type their search queries. Adding a voice functionality can do wonders for your product. In this case, Artificial Intelligence can be very helpful to you. This technology can help you incorporate features like face unlocking, smart shooting, beautifying, and so much more. Keeping up with trends, the best features are certainly the voice and vision ones. You can also take the help of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality – these two technologies can allow the consumers to fulfill their daily needs from the convenience of their homes by adding more advancements to the features. 

Summing it Up 

As the year progresses and we step foot in 2020, more trends will start to follow. However, these trends will be there for you to make the most of UX designs and come up with products that are worthy of being appreciated by the audience at large. 

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