ITspresso has developed, and handles, all the cloud-based backend, enterprise-level CRM, and transactions modules for Famfit fitness clubs throughout Indonesia. State of the art systems mean users receive a seamless experience right from their first swipe to enter the facility all the way to resuming their training sessions and receiving discounts and benefits from the use of various loyalty programs.
Integrated user transaction journey from gantry entry to use of individual club facilities, purchase of classes, progress in training sessions and discount offerings. Management also gets consolidated reports from different data funnels created at the backend by our primed up data science algorithms. The web/desktop app also handles multiple data syncs from different club facilities and makes sure the most updated version is available to any internet connected device. Complete with the whole staff directory and pre-defined and permission roles, the DB helps manage HR reports and updates as well.
Client:Family Fitness
Services:UI UX, App development, deployment and support for cloud infrastructure
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