AWS Cloud Infrastructure
Better reliability
Virtual Nutritionist
Backed with smart assiatance
Track 'n' Monitor
Real time tracking for calories intake
Staying healthy and fit requires following a healthier diet plan as well as diverse and engaging exercise activities which can help you achieve your health and fitness goals. Calivu aims at helping you reach your targeted health goals through motivation, healthy foods, and recipes, as well as different exercises that could help you lose fat, become slim and smart and even get you to have 6 pack abs. Every feature of the Calivu is built to complement your health and diet targets
1. Nutrition algorithm designed for experts based machine learning. 2. Certain features only appear in specific geographic locations (location-based services) 3. Complete social media functionality with multimedia upload/submission and posting. 4. Interactions available for every post (like, shoutout, share to external apps) 5. Real-time calories calculation for exercise posted 6. Video streaming using AWS S3 and CDN network
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