Top Mobile App Development Trends to Prevail in 2019

2018 proved to be another successful year for mobile applications – thanks to the growing shift from accessing the internet on desktops and laptops to smartphones. This year, the number of smartphone users also crossed 5 billion further increasing the scope of mobile applications. An enormous number of users is not only relying on mobile apps but utilizing them to the best effect. However, what the future holds for them in the coming year, still remains a mystery.

Mobile apps have transformed into a culture and almost all of have grown accustomed to them in one way or the other. As per the statistics, mobile apps are expected to generate $188.9 billion as global revenue by the year 2020. From these numbers, 2019 is more likely to bring a brighter future of mobile applications as new trends continue to dominate. Let’s take a look at what the year 2019 has in store for us in the world of mobile apps.

Integration of Mobile Apps in Wearable Devices

With the affordability restriction getting out of the equation – courtesy of Apple, mobile app developers have shifted focus to develop apps for wearable devices especially smartwatches. At the moment, the fitness industry is looking to make the most of it with applications capable of keeping a track of movement, calories consumed/burned, and other health aspects. However, other sectors have also started their research of utilizing this very important medium and they will be looking to make the most of it in the coming year.

Artificial Intelligence to Surge Further

AI has dug its heels deeper into the world of mobile applications more than we could ever imagine. Of all the chatbots, AI stands out as the manifest choice. Siri is one of the biggest examples of why artificial intelligence combined with machine learning is growing as a significant part of mobile apps. In 2019, the demand for chatbots will double considering the growth of the IT and business sector. Developers should be looking to integrate this technology more to empower their apps with the capacity to survive the highly competitive environment.

Cybersecurity is Imperative

According to statistics, the need for cybersecurity tools is now unavoidable. Even today, more than 84% of businesses believe that conventional cybersecurity tools don’t work while the other 16% of businesses believe that the tools are not sufficient to prevent any mishap or data breach. Considering the number of data breaches, the mobile app development companies will look to introduce better security tools in the coming year to ensure that the trust of enterprises grows further on mobile apps.

Instant Apps

As the usage of smartphones continues to increase, more companies are introducing low budget devices with limited functionality. In these types of smartphones, the storage space is quite low and installing high-end mobile applications is not a possibility. The audience using those apps is also quite large in number and targeting them can be a profitable move. For such an audience, Android Instant Apps is a good choice that doesn’t require installation and using them seems just like surfing a web page.

These trends are expected to dominate the year 2019. Web app development companies should be looking to make the most of these trends to ensure that the businesses get value out of them. At Itspresso, we create high-end mobile applications using the latest trends, equipped with the most powerful security tools to prevent any data breaches. For more information, get in touch with us at [email protected]

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