Top Challenges in Web Application Development & How to Overcome Them

Web applications have created a lot of buzzes lately with their scope and functionality. Although progressive web applications were introduced a couple of years ago, they are still considered the future of web development. The reason is that mobile applications have largely taken over because they are smart, effective, fast, and offer a personalized experience to the users. Contrary to mobile applications, web applications take a long time to load, difficult to operate, and hardly personalized. However, the use of web applications cannot be overlooked and the progressive web applications are surely changing the overall general perception.

Web applications leverage the use of progressive technology and work hard to provide the best of both worlds. The progressive web apps have moved ahead in the right direction and offer an app-like interaction without the users downloading it. Today, the web apps are being designed and developed in a way that they can function properly even in poor internet connectivity zones. It may sound like a simple procedure but there are a lot of challenges involved in the process.

Maintaining Simplicity

Maintaining a simpler yet attractive look of the web apps is one of the basic challenges that most web apps developers tend to overlook. Web applications are gaining popularity day by day as more businesses are realizing its worth and the customer behavior suggests positive feedback. By simplicity, it does not mean that the apps should have a basic design but the navigation should be simple and easy to understand for new users.

Delivering User Experience

User experience is one of the key factors that users look up to but the developers often fail to provide. This is because of the fact that they are more focused on the technical aspects involved in the web app development process. As a result, the aesthetics take the backseat which should not be the case at any cost. For general users, the look and feel of the web app are equally important as its functionality.

Right Framework

Simple user interface and providing the best user experience are not the only challenges faced in web app development. The framework is also of prime importance that has a direct impact on the web app performance. The challenge of choosing the right framework can be a bit overwhelming for the developers and that’s why they often ignore it.

Security Threat

Almost every business, at one point, has faced security threats. It would be needless to say that web security is one of the biggest challenges faced by web developers. Some of the most common threats faced by less secure apps include session hijacking, buffer overflow, cross-site scripting, and shell injection. Having that said, the website application developer needs to ensure proper security of throughout the development process.

Besides these challenges, there are other common challenges as well such as having the right team, scalability, and the know-how of the users. By identifying these challenges, it becomes easier for the development team to work accordingly and create web apps that have the capability to meet the business’ demands. At times, the in-house teams are not able to meet these requirements and therefore, it becomes imperative to look for other ways.

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