Risks and Benefits of Cloud Computing You Must Know

Cloud Computing is not just a technology anymore, it has grown into a global trend and today, most of the enterprises, companies, and businesses of all scales are using it. It helps in storing and accessing the data over the internet at any time and anywhere. The term cloud basically points towards a group of connected computers with storage devices and heavy processors that act as an extension of your local computer.

There is also a misconception about cloud computing that it is only used for data storage but in reality, it is just one of the uses of this technology. Cloud computing also allows you to run applications, access content & services, develop software using web-based tools provided by the service provider, and so much more. The service providers are commonly known as cloud providers and they offer their services on different rates based on the usage and services rendered. It is more or less the same as the utility companies – the more you use, the more you pay.

Risks of Cloud Computing

Statistics suggest that businesses have started using the services of companies providing IoT Solutions and SaaS solutions. Since more and more businesses have started shifting to such services, hackers and spammers have also set their sights on it. Cloud computing has progressed at a rate that is much higher than cloud security. That means the security tools are not that effective or advanced to protect the data stored on the cloud. However, in 2016, with the introduction of robust cloud security tools, the bridge has not only been bridged but cloud computing is now secure more than ever. The security tools are now advanced enough to alarm the companies about security breaches before any damage is done.

Benefits of Cloud Computing

Shifting to cloud computing offers a large number of advantages to companies. Let’s discuss some of them here:

Data Loss is Prevented

By storing the data on a local computer, there is always a chance of losing it. You might lose your data if the hard drive gets damaged or some malware attacks. However, data stored on the cloud is never lost. You can access it from anywhere.

Collaborative Outcome

Using cloud services, you are not only securing your data but providing a collaborative environment for your team members. They can easily collaborate with each other regardless of their physical presence. With the cloud, any employee can perform their duty and deliver the desired results.

Updated Software

One of the main reasons why cloud has been widely adopted globally is because the server updates are automatically installed. The users always get updated services and software without putting any additional effort.

Cloud Computing is suitable for all the businesses and companies at large. All the solutions offered by the incorporation of Cloud can help you optimize the operations of your business and the internal processes. In this regard, the role of the cloud providers is also of high importance. You should always choose the one that offers the right services with all the essential tools to help you optimize your business operations the way you want to. Itspresso is exactly one of those companies that offers cloud computing services at the best rates topped with all the essential security tools. For more details, get in touch with us at [email protected].

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