How to Automate Your Business Processes? Top Secrets Revealed

Business automation is not just a trend but an absolute necessity. Time is money is not a quote anymore but a golden rule to success. There is no need to spend your precious time on handling administrative tasks or other work when you should be dealing with your clients to earn huge profits. Today, there are a plethora of business tools available using which you can automate your business. However, not all tools are perfect for your business and this is the area where you have to be extra cautious.

Here we will discuss how you can automate your sales, marketing, and customer service processes to save time and earn maximum rewards. Let the drum rolls begin because we are about to reveal some amazing secrets about business automation that no one ever told you before.

Automating Sales

Under ideal condition, the people in your team related to the sales department talk to those who are already qualified and know what they want. Most of them are ready to sign a contract with your business too. However, most of the times it is not the case. The sales team normally spends their time talking to prospects who are not willing to enter into a business contract with you. If you automate your sales process, the inefficiencies in this process can be avoided. The simple way of doing that is adding a calculator to your website. It allows the prospects to determine the price of products or services that they are looking for. If you offer custom orders, it can be very helpful for the clients to place the orders as per their budget. Not only will it free up your sales team’s time but help them talk to only those people who are ready to commit with you. Another very simple way of automating the sales process is by automating the meeting schedule. There are different tools that can provide you with the option to create meetings and get timely reminders. Through these tools, unnecessary emails and calls can be avoided to a great extent. Simply take the schedule of your sales staff and integrate it with the tools and you are good to go.

Automating Customer Service

Let’s face it, your customers are your biggest asset and without caring for them, you cannot get the long-term benefits. If you are a startup or a small sized business, you should know that more than 60% businesses close within the first six months of their inception. The most common reason for this sudden closure is lack of consideration towards the customers. Some businesses really give their heart and soul in providing the best possible customer services to their customers, but most of the times, it is just not good enough. Hence, automating remains the best possible solution. The customers of today don’t get satisfied by just mere greetings and respectful salutations but want personalized and instant answers to their queries. Customers always had and will always have questions and answering them in a timely manner remains a paramount. There are two ways of automating some of this process if not entirely: knowledge bases and support tickets. There are a number of project management tools that offer a support ticketing method through which sending a simple email or writing full-fledged replies become possible. Similarly, having a knowledge base means having the answers to most common questions that are frequently asked by the new customers. Utilizing this knowledge base, great customer service can be provided to the customers and the customer experience can be highly improved.

Automating Marketing Process

Marketing is the process of creating, communicating, and delivering the offerings of a business to the customers and other stakeholders. It would not be wrong to say that marketing is the backbone of any business because the sales revenue is directly dependent on it. The more effectively your marketing staff delivers the idea of the business to the customers, the chances of customers entering into business contracts with you surge significantly. There are different strategies adopted by the marketing staff and not all of them work with the same level of effectiveness. The simple way of automating the marketing process is by entering the list in the marketing tool. The lists can be created based on different criteria or information. Through the list, the workflow can be devised and valuable help can be taken in designing the campaigns. The marketing tools also help in identifying the type of content your audience likes to read, the type of products they are more interested in, and what offers they want from your business. These tools can also be synced with the social media and useful insights can be acquired through it.

How ITspresso Can Help

ITspresso is a leading name in the industry having the services of qualified and experienced staff. We can help you reap the benefits of business automation through our business automation tools for different departments. Through our tools, not only can you save your valuable time from the core business operations and invest in into other productive options that can give a boost to your revenues. If you want to know more about our services, feel free to contact us. You can also book a free consultation with us and we will guide you on how you can automate your business and which tools can add more value to your enterprise. Simply send us an email at [email protected] and we will guide you further.

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