5 SEO Trends that Really Matter in 2019

Every year, digital marketers analyze the prevailing search engine optimization (SEO) trends to include them into their digital marketing strategy. Since more than half of 2019 has passed away, it is a good time to reflect what trends have really made a difference for digital marketers.
Here we have 5 important SEO trends you need to know in 2019, according to the top SEO professionals of this age. Without further ado, let’s get started.

Understand User Intent

What do your users want? Video, audio, text or images? It may sound strange to you but knowing this in 2019 can be of great help especially when you are devising your SEO strategy. When you understand what your audience expects when they search a query on the internet, you can give them the appropriate answer in the best way possible.

Some professionals are also of the view that the audience preferences can change more quickly than you expect. Even if your website content is written nicely and perfectly optimized, if the audience is not right, it won’t grow the business. All the high ranking websites of the future are going to be the ones that are written for the right audience. So, the trend to understand here is that the focus of your website should be your users’ behavior and their intent and not just the keywords.

Set Your Focus Beyond Google Search

SEO experts believe that this might be the year when Google’s dominance may come to an end. A lot of individuals and businesses focus solely on Google and hence their search engine optimization strategy revolves around it. Gone are the days when people only used to make their searches on this one search engine – today, people are searching with different mediums.

The first thing you need to do is to learn how to drive traffic to your website and create engagement for every person who lands on it. In addition to that, if people are searching for apps or videos, you need to rank higher in app stores and video sharing platforms as well. Your business can turn into a brand if it is multi-faceted.

Structured Data is Mandatory

Do you have lots of data? If yes, then it’s great! But is it structured? If your answer is no, you are in for a lot of exercise. It is strictly advisable to use structured data whenever possible. AI has become a lot more popular than ever before and why not, the digital world is also moving towards Artificial Intelligence where the conventional tricks and techniques don’t fetch favorable results.

Using the data in a structured manner is the key to creating elements that drive results in your favor. What that means that a contextual relationship between topic s and behavior should be well-supported by the structured markup. Try using information architecture, metadata, tags, and structured markup to let search engines understand the topical and content structure of your product.

Enhance Expertise, Authority, and Trustworthiness (E-A-T)

As per Google’s search quality rating guidelines, E-A-T is a very popular trend. Establishing your expertise, authority and trustworthiness can be of great value for your business as a whole because the E-A-T guidelines are written for Google’s algorithm raters. Understanding Google’s algorithms can help you understand what direction Google is heading in the short term.

SEO experts need to realize that quality comes with a clear context. You cannot rank so easily like that in the past without writing authoritative content backed by proper relevant statistics and without having authority on a given subject. Think of it from a distribution and promotion’s point of view. This is the time when the delegation of authority will also come into play and marketers will rely on experts to author t to provide data that can be used in the process of content creation. Please note that it is not just Google that rewards E-A-T but Bing and others have also started valuing this algorithm.

Focus on Technical Aspects of SEO

Websites continue to evolve in complexity every year and why not, the expectations of consumers are never-ending. With that being said, focusing on technical SEO is a major area of investment in 2019 and ahead as well. Technical SEO focuses on different areas such as speed, progressive web apps, and JavaScript. Let’s discuss them one by one briefly.


This year, sites should become simpler and faster from search engine’s point of view. Google is rewarding sites that load quickly and have elements that can attract the eyes of the users in the first visit.

Progressive Web Apps

In this year, you should start pondering about how you want your website to go live on as a progressive web app in the future. It serves as a favorable experience from a user’s point of view and helps digital marketers to focus on the major goals.


This year, more startups have entered the market to try their luck which means more websites. To say the least, more burden will be on JavaScript along with other big frameworks including React, Angular, and Vue.js. It is high time that you make yourself familiar with at least JavaScript, if not with other frameworks. The reason is that major search engines like Google will keep an eye on websites that operate on these frameworks.


SEO continues to change and if you want to keep up in contention, you should make sure to follow these 5 trends. These trends are suggested by the professionals of this industry who have a proven track record of making websites and digital products go live on the search engine rankings.

If you need any help with SEO and digital marketing, you can always contact ITspresso. Our digital marketing and SEO experts will guide you in the best possible way. From consultation to the implementation of SEO trends to your website or other services related to the topic, we are here to help. Simply Contact Us via email: [email protected].

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